January 4, 2017
January 4, 2017


Cockroaches are a kind of species who like dark areas and humidity to live. They eat anything like human food, paper, wood, toothpaste, leather, cigarettes, soap etc. They also have 3 stages of lifecycle like other species. These three stages are egg, nymph, and adult. Every cockroach start as eggs, which hatch into nymphs and after that grow into adults. This all stages occur during some interval of time.
Cockroaches find in the kitchen area, bathroom and Wet areas in the house. Cockroaches can carry diseases like Asthma and allergies and every property is at risk from a cockroach because if one cockroach finds in your home its make so many things. In most situation cockroaches can begin at the hours of darkness. Cockroach control is not an issue to worry about since professional agencies like B&B pest Control services in Mahaboobnagar helps you fight it and make your lives better every single day. We have a solution for your cockroach control problem.